Landlords can now complete the Complaint Handling Code Annual Submissions form. More information is available online.


This information is for landlords that are members of the Housing Ombudsman Scheme or want to become one.

Find out more about our Code, member obligations in our Scheme, best practice on effective complaint handling and access landlord performance reports.

We also have information about membership, events, and a range of learning tools.

The Complaint Handling Code

The Complaint Handling Code

The Complaint Handling Code sets out requirements for member landlords. The purpose of the Code is to enable landlords to resolve complaints raised by residents quickly and use the data and learning from complaints to drive service improvements.  

From 1 April 2024, the Code became statutory meaning that member landlords are obliged by law to follow its requirements.  

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The Housing Ombudsman Scheme

The Housing Ombudsman Scheme

The Housing Ombudsman Scheme sets out our role, what complaints we can consider, the obligations of our members and who can make complaints to the Housing Ombudsman about members. 

The role of the Ombudsman is to resolve disputes involving members of the Scheme, including making awards of compensation or other remedies when appropriate, as well as to support effective landlord and tenant dispute resolution.

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Landlord performance data

Landlord performance data

Our 2022-23 individual landlord performance reports have been published for landlords with 5 or more cases determined between 1 April 2022 and March 2023.

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Annual Complaints Review

Last year the Ombudsman received over 5,000 complaints that were escalated for formal investigation. Following the investigations, we made 6,590 orders and recommendations to make things right for residents.

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Landlord complaint statistics

Every quarter we publish landlord statistics giving a snapshot of what we're seeing in complaints.

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We have a wide range of reports available from Spotlight reports that look at thematic issues to special investigations into specific landlords' failings and our quarterly Insight and Complaint Handling Failure Order reports. 

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Spotlight reports

Our Spotlight reports concentrate on an area of service provision that we see high amount of failure in through our casework. They examine the issues within this theme and set out recommendations.

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Special investigation reports

Our special reports follow an investigation carried out under paragraph 49 of the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, which allows the Ombudsman to conduct further investigations beyond an individual complaint to establish whether any presenting evidence is indicative of a systemic failing.

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Insight reports

Our Insight reports provide insight into our complaints data, a selection of valuable case studies and key learning points and recommendations for the sector.

Their aim is to help landlords to make improvements and deliver better services for residents.

The Hosuing Ombudsman publishes Insight reports every 3 months.

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Complaint Handling Failure Order (CHFO) reports

Complaint Handling Failure Orders are issued in relation to failings in an individual case where we have taken reasonable steps to seek engagement from a landlord, but the resident remains unable to progress a complaint.

We use our orders, along with other information from cases handled, to generate insight about individual landlords. This can be used as the basis of discussions if there are continued concerns over a sustained period.

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Learning from severe maladministration

We have produced a new report that looks at recent severe maladministration findings. The report groups together several cases, potentially involving different landlords, to examine related themes and lessons, including where vital opportunities were missed to improve outcomes for residents.

Severe maladministration reports (opens in a new tab)

Wider order reports

We have gained new powers to issue wider orders under the Social Housing Regulation Act, allowing us to not only address individual complaints from a landlord, but also extend fairness and protection to wider residents.

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Landlord portal

Interactive landlord portal

Our interactive portal streamlines communication, allows landlords to upload information and evidence and view the status of cases in a digitally convenient and secure way.

The Portal allows users to submit documentary evidence during the lifetime of a complaint and aims to provide easy access to updates, reducing the need to use other contact routes like phone and email.

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Centre for Learning

Centre for Learning

Landlords can network, share, and learn with the Centre for Learning. Home to a range of high quality and accessible tools and learning from across the sector.

Find good practice examples, e-learning, webinars, toolkits, and podcasts hosted by experts from the Housing Ombudsman. 

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Helpful resources


All social housing providers are mandatory members of the Housing Ombudsman Scheme. We also have some private landlords that join the Scheme voluntarily. Find out more about more about being a member of the Scheme.

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Meet the Ombudsman

Meet the Ombudsman events are hosted by member landlords in local communities across England. They are an important part of raising awareness and understanding of our service among residents. 

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Landlord guidance

Read the Ombudsman’s own internal guidance to promote best practice for landlords.  

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