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Find all the latest reports we’ve published, from our Spotlight reports on thematic issues to Complaint Handling Failure Orders.

Insight report 16: July to September 2023

7 December 2023

We have released our Insight report for the second quarter of this year which sets out key learning and guidance on service charges.

The report contains information about the role of the Housing Ombudsman in these disputes, the role of the First Tier Tribunal and courts, as well as key learning from the Ombudsman’s casework.

Alongside this report, we have refreshed our guidance so that landlords can use this to provide better services, and for residents to use it to know what they can bring to the Ombudsman and how the Ombudsman can help.

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Complaint Handling Failure Order report - July to September

21 November 2023

The Housing Ombudsman has published its latest Complaint Handling Failure Order (CHFO) report. Giving 52 CHFOs between July and September – the most since reports began being published in 2021.

These orders help landlords deliver the Complaint Handling Code and resolution of complaints. Helping them identify any problems that could prevent residents experiencing a positive complaints process.

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Special report into Islington Council

24 October 2023

The Housing Ombudsman has released its special investigation report into Islington Council, finding that underlying issues such as a ‘disjointed’ approach to complaints and a ‘lack of clear ownership’ are leading to problems drifting and persisting.

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Complaint Handling Failure Order report - April to June 2023

19 September 2023

We have released the previous quarter’s data on complaint handling for our Complaint Handling Failure Order report, finding the highest number of non-compliant landlords since the reports were first put together. From April to June 2023, we issued 43 Complaint Handling Failure Orders (CHFOs) with 18 of those not being complied with.

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Insight report 15: April to June 2023

12 September 2023

We have released our Insight report for the first quarter of this year, showcasing where lessons can be learned for landlords and residents in a variety of instances. Among the themes looked at this month are pest infestation, tenancy warning letters and gas safety.

The report contains insights from our Dispute Support team, who are often the first response to many complaints. They look at the rising number of urgent issues coming to the Ombudsman and how landlords can improve around service charges.

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Special report into L&Q

27 July 2023

The Ombudsman has released its special report into L&Q, finding that the landlord failed to address core issues and cultural failures which therefore led to a prolonged period of decline in services.

Whilst the landlord has since developed an action plan in response to the report, the Ombudsman remains cautious, with a similar flurry of new policies having little to no impact on resident’s lived experienced and service delivery.

In the report, the Ombudsman made 103 determinations involving L&Q in the months from January to June 2023, spanning 30 local authority areas.

Overall, the Ombudsman found a severe maladministration rate of 13%, more than double the national average of 6%, for disrepair, poor repair services, mishandling of charges for leaseholders and failures supporting residents experiencing anti-social behaviour.

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