We have issued a call for evidence to support an investigation into damp and mould. Full details here.


All our decisions are published here as part of our commitment to being open and transparent. The decisions are anonymised so residents’ names are not used, but landlords are named. The decisions date from December 2020 and are published three months after the final decision date. Full details of what and when we publish are set out in our publication policy.



Clear Dates

Complaint Category




London & Quadrant H T (202000557)

The complaint refers to: The Resident’s concerns in relation to the level of her service charge. The Landlord’s explanation of the Resident’s service charge. The Landlord’s complaint handling of this matter.

Places for People Homes Limited (202003224)

The complaint is about the landlord’s responses to the resident’s reports of: outstanding repairs to his property a raised manhole to the rear of his property rubbish that he says should have been collected from the outbuilding attached to the property, prior to his moving in

Housing Solutions (201817213)

This complaint is about the landlord’s responses to the resident’s enquiries about which party was responsible for servicing the gas boiler in the shared ownership property that she purchased.

Newham Council (201915965)

The complaint is about the landlord’s response to the resident’s request for updates about repairs needed to the estate.

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