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All our decisions are published here as part of our commitment to being open and transparent. The decisions are anonymised so residents’ names are not used, but landlords are named. The decisions date from December 2020 and are published three months after the final decision date. Full details of what and when we publish are set out in our publication policy.



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Landlord type

Complaint Category





Home Group Limited (201714878)

The resident complains about: How the landlord handled the sale of a shared ownership lease, including the time taken and communication in relation to the sale of the property and information given to prospective buyers about the valuation. The relevance of improvements that had been made to the property in terms of the valuation and/or the allocation of the proceeds of the sale. How the landlord handled the complaint. 

London & Quadrant Housing Trust (202004540)

This complaint is about: The landlord’s response to the resident’s concerns about its handling of her personal data in relation to a GP letter. The landlord’s response to the resident’s concerns regarding a verbal warning she received from the Police about an ASB incident in August 2019 involving her neighbour. The landlord’s handling of an ASB report made in August 2019 against the resident by her neighbour.

Notting Hill Genesis (202000089)

The complaint is about the landlord’s response to: The resident’s reports of decant works not being resolved when she returned to her property. The resident’s claim for £4000 for emotional distress, the inconvenience and the implications of the mould on her health. The resident’s concerns about an unknown person gaining access to her property whilst she was decanted and her safety when she returned to the property. The resident’s request to be transferred to another property. The resident’s reports of her sofa being ‘‘very dirty’’ when it was returned from storage.  This complaint is also about the landlord’s complaint handling.

Nottingham City Homes (202000592)

This complaint is about the landlord’s response to the resident’s reports about: Leaks at the property; Her insurance claim for damaged possessions; Complaints handling.

Catalyst Housing Limited (201914610)

The complaint is about the landlord’s: Response to the resident’s request for certification demonstrating compliance with Government guidance on fire safety in relation to the building which he owns a property in.  Complaint handling.

Futures Homescape Limited (202000161)

The resident complains about the level of compensation offered by the landlord in respect of excess water charges following a leak at the property.

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