Our vision

Our vision:

Improving residents’ lives and landlords’ services through housing complaints

Our values: 

  • Fairness: We are independent and impartial; we take time to listen carefully and to understand the evidence
  • Learning: We share knowledge and insights to maximise our impact and improve services
  • Openness: We are accessible and accountable; we publish information on our performance and decisions
  • Excellence: We work together to provide an efficient, high-quality service

Our vision and values were reviewed and updated in July 2020.

 Our strategic objectives:

  1. Deliver a fair and impartial service, resolving complaints at the earliest opportunity
  2. Promote positive change in the sector
  3. Provide a service that is professional, accessible and simple to use
  4. Ensure our service is open and transparent

Our Corporate Plan 2019-22 sets out how we will deliver our strategic objectives.