Our vision

Our vision: 'Housing Matters: Fairness Matters’

We understand the importance of housing to people's lives. We ensure the fair and impartial resolution of housing complaints, locally where possible. When things go wrong we seek to put things right and encourage learning from outcomes. We help improve landlord and resident relationships. We role model the service we expect of others.

Our core values and behaviours

  • We act fairly and impartially
  • We are open and accountable
  • We empower and respect those we work with
  • We are proactive and take responsibility for achieving results
  • We work as One Team within HOS and collaboratively with others
  • We are curious, always seeking to learn and improve

 Our strategic objectives

Our strategic objectives are:

  1. We will deliver an accessible, high quality and timely complaints handling service
  2. We support landlords and residents to resolve more complaints locally
  3. Our decisions will be recognised as fair, impartial and effective
  4. We will support landlords to learn from outcomes
  5. We will be an accountable, well run organisation, using our subscription monies wisely.

Our Corporate Plan 2016 to 2019 has more detail on how we will deliver our strategic objectives.