Our annual landlord survey is now open. The results will feed into this year’s annual complaints review which provides an analysis of the sector’s performance. Link to survey.

Our vision

Our vision:

Improving residents’ lives and landlords’ services through housing complaints

Our values: 

  • Fairness: We are independent and impartial; we take time to listen carefully and to understand the evidence
  • Learning: We share knowledge and insights to maximise our impact and improve services
  • Openness: We are accessible and accountable; we publish information on our performance and decisions
  • Excellence: We work together to provide an efficient, high-quality service

Our vision and values were reviewed and updated in July 2020.

 Our strategic objectives:

  1.  Extending fairness
  2.  Encouraging learning
  3.  Increasing openness
  4.  Achieving excellence

Our Corporate Plan 2022-25 sets out how we will deliver our strategic objectives.

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