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All our decisions are published here as part of our commitment to being open and transparent. The decisions are anonymised so residents’ names are not used, but landlords are named. The decisions date from December 2020 and are published three months after the final decision date. In some cases we may decide not to publish a decision if it is not in the resident’s or landlord’s interest or the resident’s anonymity may be compromised. You can read more in our guidance on decisions.


One Vision Housing Limited (202005637)

The complaint is about: The conduct of a member of the landlord’s staff during a phone call on 24 August 2020. The landlord’s communication with the resident about her reports of issues with her neighbours.

Sanctuary Affordable Housing Limited (201914180)

The complaint was about: The landlord‘s response to the resident’s report of rodent infestation, including the level of compensation offered to the resident. The landlord’s complaint handling, including delays in responses.

Your Housing Group Limited (202016452)

The complaint is about: The landlord’s response to the resident’s reports of antisocial behaviour consisting of neighbours leaving rubbish and personal items in communal areas. The landlord’s complaint handling.

Brent Council (202000712)

The complaint is about the landlord’s response to: Repairs within the resident’s property and within her block prior to July 2017. Concerns raised about renovation works to the resident’s block of flats between 2003 and 2005. The resident’s concerns that there was no caretaker for the building, and that the windows to the block had not been cleaned externally for over 25 years. The resident’s concerns that other tenants had died within their properties, and their bodies had been left to deteriorate. A leak affecting the property. The resident’s concerns about antisocial behaviour within her block. Repairs within the resident’s property and her block from July 2017 onwards. The Ombudsman has also investigated the landlord’s: complaint handling. record keeping.

Derwent Housing Association Limited (202010657)

This complaint is about how the landlord handled: The resident’s report of fly-tipping outside her property following a mutual exchange. A report that the resident had disposed of rubbish in bins allocated to other properties. This complaint is also about the landlord’s complaint handling.

Home Group Limited (202015585)

The resident complains about: the landlord refusing her father access into her property during the covid pandemic. the landlord’s failure to act accordingly in line with the Equality Act 2010. the landlord’s handling of her complaint.