New Complaint Handling Code: Our new Code provides good practice for landlords on fair and effective complaint handling. See this page for details.

Resident Panel

What is the Resident Panel? 

The Housing Ombudsman wants to be open and accessible and engage widely with both residents and landlords to share knowledge and learning. 

The Resident Panel provides an opportunity for residents to be involved in the development of our service as well as giving us direct feedback on their experience of using our service.  

Initially, it will operate virtually and have around 100 members. The whole panel will meet online twice a year to discuss key areas of work such as the development of our annual business plan and three-year corporate plan. In addition, there will be opportunities to take part in smaller group activities. These could include discussions on topics such as residents’ experience of using our service or our thematic reports investigating further into issues arising through complaints.   

Membership will be made up of residents from a cross-section of landlords in the Housing Ombudsman Scheme, ensuring that residents with different types, size and location of landlords are represented. See details below on how to apply to be a panel member. 

How to join 

Applications have closed for recruiting members of the panel.   

As numbers are limited and we want the panel to be representative, it may not be possible for everyone who expresses an interest to join the panel, but we will refresh the membership regularly.  

The first virtual meeting is expected to take place in April 2021.

Will panel members be paid? 

No, there is no payment for taking part in our Resident Panel. 

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