Resident Panel

This page provides information on how the Housing Ombudsman Service Resident Panel is formed and how we use it to improve the service we provide.

What is a resident panel?

The resident panel is an opportunity for residents to be involved in the development of our service as well as give us feedback on their experience of using the Service. 

Why does the Housing Ombudsman Service have a resident panel?

As a service, we want to ensure that we are open and accessible and that we engage widely with both residents and landlords. This helps us to share knowledge and learning to improve resident’s lives and landlord’s services.  

How does it work?

The panel are invited to attend two meetings each year to discuss our approach on key areas of work such as our annual business plan, thematic reports into wider issues arising through complaints and resident awareness raising. There are opportunities for discussion and to take part in smaller group activities. Members are also asked for their views through surveys and questionnaires.  

Membership is made up of residents from various landlords across the country, ensuring residents of member landlords of different, size, type and location are represented. 

Resident panel membership

We will never discuss individual cases at a panel.  

How can I become a panel member?

Applications are currently closed for recruiting members of the panel. Members are appointed for three years.  

Are panel members paid?

No, there is no payment for being a member on the resident panel.  

Further information can be found in the Terms of Reference