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Spotlight on: Damp and mould – it’s not a lifestyle

Published in October 2021

Report summary

Damp and mould can be a complex and often frustrating issue. We recognise that some landlords are being proactive and that governing bodies are scrutinising approaches. This report aims to support these actions.

We have noted 2 key systemic issues that persist in cases across our casebook.  

  •  over reliance on residents 
  •  lack of overall responsibility for ensuring complaints are resolved 

It is important for landlords to demonstrate to residents learning from damp and mould complaints. The Ombudsman would encourage landlord staff and managers to review the case studies and learning provided in this report, actively consider how they would have responded to the case and whether as an organisation they would have made the same mistakes. 

What is in the damp and mould report?

  • Chapter 1: From reactive to proactive 
  • Chapter 2: from inferring blame to taking responsibility 
  • Chapter 3: From disrepair claims to resolution 
  • Chapter 4: From complaints to a learning culture 

The full report

The full report is available to view or download as a pdf.

View the and download the full report pdf


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