Housing Ombudsman publishes performance data on landlords

9 December 2020

Our new performance data reports feature all landlords in our Scheme with complaints recorded in 2019-20.

Business people signing a document by laptop

For the first time, we have published performance data on all landlords in our Scheme with complaints recorded in 2019-20, as part of our increasing openness and transparency. It will give residents more data and insight on their landlord and provide learning for landlords to help improve their services.

Each landlord performance report shows:

  • the categories of the enquiries and complaints we received
  • the outcomes of our decisions
  • the types of orders we made for landlords to put things right
  • the timeliness of landlord compliance with orders.

Some helpful comparisons of the landlord’s performance to the average of similar landlords by type and size across our membership are also shown on the reports.

In addition, we have has provided some geographical analysis of our determinations in 2019-20. The analysis shows that the highest number of complaints brought to us for formal investigation was in Greater London while the North East had the lowest.

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman, said: “Publishing these reports is a big step forward for us in being more open and transparent about our work and its impact. Complaints data offers a rich source of learning to support landlord service improvement. We hope that both residents and landlords will find them useful and I would encourage landlords to review their annual report at a senior level to support a positive complaint handling culture across their organisation.”

These performance reports follow an increase in the data and insight we have published this year through our quarterly Insight reports and regular Spotlight reports on sector-wide, thematic issues. Next year we will start to publish all of our decisions.

Link to landlord performance reports