Landlords can now complete the Complaint Handling Code Annual Submissions form. More information is available online.

Regional data

Our regional maps are based on the number of social homes in England, which excludes homes leased from social landlords. Accordingly, we remove leaseholder complaints data from our calculations. The increase in the rate of determinations per region, despite the numbers of overall determinations and the quantity of social housing remaining similar, is reflective of a change of proportion of the tenure of residents whose cases were determined by the Ombudsman in 2021-22 with more of our cases coming from social tenants.


Two heat maps of the UK.

The first one shows the number of social rents homes by region. The second shows the rate of complaints brought to HOS by tenants and formally determined by the Ombudsman per 10,000 social rent homes for each region

We also provide further analysis on a regional basis in our quarterly Reports (see Helpful links) which share complaints data, a selection of case studies and key learning points to support positive change by sharing knowledge and learning from our casework.