We are currently experiencing high call volumes.

If possible, please use our online complaint form or email info@housing-ombudsman.org.uk

Help if you are waiting for a final response

We support local resolution between residents and landlords so would encourage you to complete the landlord’s internal complaints procedure until the matter is either resolved or you have exhausted the process.

We do not investigate complaints before they have completed the complaints process, but we can take steps to encourage landlords and residents to work together to resolve a complaint.  This may include contacting your landlord to make enquiries about the status of your complaint and to encourage it to communicate with you about your concerns.  Once you have received a response from your landlord, we would encourage you to continue to progress your complaint until you complete the process and receive a final response to your complaint.

If you remain dissatisfied having completed the procedure, you then have the opportunity to refer the matter to a designated person (an MP, councillor or recognised tenants panel) or wait eight weeks before you bring it to us.