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Bringing a complaint to us on behalf of somebody else

This information is for advisors and advocates wishing to act as a representative for a resident and bring a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman.

Can I complain on somebody's behalf?

If a resident is unable to bring the complaint to the service themselves, we will accept a complaint from somebody acting as a representative on their behalf. 

We can only consider a complaint from a resident who has an agreement with a landlord that is a member of the Housing Ombudsman scheme.

If possible, we would expect the resident that is named on the agreement to bring their complaint to the service directly.

What consent do you require?

We need a consent form signed by the resident to confirm that they are happy for a representative to bring a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman on their behalf.    

We cannot accept consent that has been provided to another service, for example to represent a resident in the complaint against their landlord. The consent must clearly say that it is to speak to the Housing Ombudsman Service about their housing complaint.  

We will also need confirmation from the resident (where applicable) to confirm if they wish to be contacted about their case directly or if case updates should be provided to their representative/advocate directly. 

What if the resident is unable to provide consent?

If you are bringing a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman for a resident who is deceased or does not have capacity due to disability or mental capacity, we will need evidence of the legal documents that authorise you to make a complaint on their behalf.

We will require a Grant of Probate in the case of an executor, or letters of administration in the case of an administrator. 

We will not discuss a case or provide an update to any third party unless we have been provided with the relevant consent documents or signed consent from the resident directly.  

How can I provide consent to the Housing Ombudsman?

If you would like to refer a complaint to us on behalf of someone else, or you need to provide written consent for somebody to bring your complaint to us, please complete this complaint form and send it to us via email or post. 

Complete this complaint form

Please note: We require a signature from both parties on section 3 and can only have 1 representative acting on behalf of a resident per case. We will not liaise with multiple representatives.  

Can I refer a complaint through an advice or support service?

Complaints are sometimes referred to the service through support services and agencies. If you work for an advice service it is helpful to provide us with a direct dial number or email address, and the hours you work so we can contact you directly.  

The consent form must specifically state that the consent provided from the resident is to bring a complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service, not general consent provided to the agency service to act on their behalf. 

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