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Spotlight on attitudes, respect and rights – relationship of equals

Published in January 2024

Report summary 

The cost-of-living crisis, increase in mental health difficulties and housing shortages have changed the landscape for landlords to an increasingly challenging and complex environment to navigate. There is a pressing need for landlords to create human-centric policies, adapt to meet the needs of all their residents and ensure the most vulnerable residents are not left behind. For many landlords, their current approach is potentially inadequate for responding effectively to the needs of the population it serves. 

Central to this report is what it means to be vulnerable in social housing today, but also most importantly, how landlords can respond effectively and how to do so without stigma or marginalisation. 

Key themes in this report 

This report focuses heavily on people and processes, looking at: 

  • vulnerabilities 
  • reasonable adjustments 
  • discrimination 
  • contact restrictions 
  • contractors 
  • investigation allegations 
  • service charges 
  • complaints handling 

The featured case studies in this report have been selected to illustrate the range of findings and outcomes and how lessons can be drawn from those to share more widely.   

The full report 

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Further learning on attitudes, respect and rights

Attitudes, respect and rights

Poor communication is often the root cause of housing complaints, eroding trust and leading to escalating issues.

Discover resident and landlord guidance, reports, and training options to help you understand this key topic. 

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