Landlords can now complete the Complaint Handling Code Annual Submissions form. More information is available online.

Landlord search/performance data

Is your landlord registered with us?

How has your landlord performed?

Our landlord search below allows you to check if a landlord is registered with us and to look up performance data about some individual landlords.

We are committed to openness and transparency. An important part of this is using our data to provide residents with more information and insight and learning for landlords to improve their services.

Our 2022-23 individual landlord performance reports have been published for landlords with 5 or more findings determined between 1 April 2022 and March 2023 (see search below).

We have taken care to ensure the data is accurate by clearing it with landlords in advance. For a detailed explanation of the data in the reports, read our guidance (see helpful links).

We have not created individual reports for landlords with fewer than 5 findings as meaningful performance interpretation is not possible. If a landlord does not have an individual report or is not listed in that table, we did not make a formal determination for them in 2022-23.


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Abbeyfield Northwood Soc Ltd

Abbeyfield Reigate Soc Ltd

Abbeyfield Ribble Valley Society Limited

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Abbeyfield South Downs Limited

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Abbeyfield Tavistock Society Limited

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