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All our decisions are published here as part of our commitment to being open and transparent. The decisions are anonymised so residents’ names are not used, but landlords are named. The decisions date from December 2020 and are published three months after the final decision date. Full details of what and when we publish are set out in our publication policy.



Clear Dates

Complaint Category





Clarion Housing Association Limited (202009271)

The complaint is about the landlord’s: Response to the resident’s reports of electric sockets not working in the property. Response to the resident’s reports of a problem with one of the windows in the property. Complaint handling.

Leicester City Council (202013851)

The resident’s complaint is about: The landlord's response to the resident's reports of mould. The resident's report of the conduct of the operatives carrying out remedial work to the mould on 3 December 2020. The landlord's response to the resident's reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB). The landlord's response to the resident's reports of issues in relation to the communal lifts. The landlord’s response to the resident’s request to move. The landlord’s response to the resident’s report in relation to an interrupted water supply.

Clarion Housing Association Limited (202004901)

REPORT COMPLAINT 202004901 Clarion Housing Association Limited 14 July 2021 Our Approach   The Housing Ombudsman’s approach to investigating and determining complaints is to decide what is fair in all the circumstances of the case. […]

Leeds City Council (202016026)

The complaint refers to: The landlord's handling of repairs following a leaking roof at the resident's property. The resident’s legal disrepair claim.

GreenSquareAccord (202012871)

The complaint refers to the landlord’s handling of: Repairs to plastering in the property. Repairs to the resident’s boiler. The resident’s request for a replacement bathroom suite The resident’s request for kitchen alterations.  Its communication with the resident The resident’s concerns related to racial discrimination. The length of time taken for the landlord to offer the resident a property transfer. The associated complaints.

Kingston upon Thames Council (202010080)

The complaint is about the landlord’s: Original decision to restrict the resident’s access to a single point of contact. Decision in December 2020 to retain the single point of contact. Handling of a communal repair.