Investigation finds no maladministration in landlord’s administration of rent account but level of rent outside jurisdiction

Mr G complained to the landlord about the level of his rent and service charge. He also complained that he had not received a refund for two weeks’ rent which he had paid at the start of his tenancy.

Mr G’s complaint about the level of rent and charge was not within our jurisdiction to consider. We did, however, formally investigate the remaining complaint about how the rent account had been administrated.

We determined that there had been no maladministration in the way in which the landlord had administrated the rent account.

This was because it had handled the matter in line with the requirements under Mr G’s tenancy agreement, tenancy sign-up document and rent statement, which set out that he was required to pay a non-refundable two weeks’ rent in advance. We found that it was appropriate that the landlord had therefore not agreed to refund this money.

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