Customer care statement

We aim to give a high quality and effective service. We are committed to raising standards. Working to achieve our mission of fair and early dispute resolution, in line with our vision and values. We focus on what matters to customers and on building constructive relationships with stakeholders.

When dealing with customers we make sure that:

Access - People can access our services easily.

Communication - We actively listen to customers so that we can understand what they need from us. And we clearly communicate what we can and cannot do for them.

Quality - We continuously improve the service we offer and actively seek ways to do things better, focusing on solutions

Accuracy - Everyone can trust that the information we give is reliable.

Security - Customers have confidence that we respect and protect the confidentiality and privacy of the information shared with us.

Timeliness - We act as quickly as possible and keep users updated about realistic timescales and the action we are taking.

Feedback - We welcome the views of customers and consider their needs in shaping what we do

Cost - The delivery of our services is risk-managed, good value for money, and fulfils high standards of financial profitability and transparency.