Landlords can now complete the Complaint Handling Code Annual Submissions form. More information is available online.


All our decisions are published here as part of our commitment to being open and transparent. The decisions are anonymised so residents’ names are not used, but landlords are named. The decisions date from December 2020 and are published three months after the final decision date. In some cases we may decide not to publish a decision if it is not in the resident’s or landlord’s interest or the resident’s anonymity may be compromised. You can read more in our guidance on decisions.


Bromsgrove District Housing Trust Limited (202010431)

The complaint is about: the landlord’s collection of rent relating to the property in March 2021; the amount of compensation offered in relation to a flooding incident in August 2020; the amount of compensation offered in relation to a second flooding incident in October 2020.

Notting Hill Genesis (202001199)

The complaint is about: The landlord’s administration of the resident’s rent account. The landlord’s provision of service charge information. The landlord’s handling of the complaint. 

Octavia Housing (202005125)

The resident complains about; a delayed repair to a window and the landlord’s subsequent offer of compensation; the landlord’s response to her concerns about bullying by a contractor, and; complaint handling.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council (202004933)

REPORT COMPLAINT 202004933 Hammersmith and Fulham Council 19 April 2021 Our approach The Housing Ombudsman’s approach to investigating and determining complaints is to decide what is fair in all the circumstances of the case. This […]

Notting Hill Genesis (202009202)

The complaint refers to: The condition of the resident’s kitchen. The landlord’s handling of repairs to the resident’s fence.

Southern Housing Group Limited (202010510)

The complaint refers to the landlord’s handling of: repair works to improve the security of the property following a break-in. the resident's reports of damp and mould at the property. communication with the resident and record keeping. the associated complaint and offer of compensation.

Town and Country Housing (201916063)

The complaint concerns: The landlord’s handling of the resident’s decant up until August 2020. Decant issues arising after August 2020. Historic issues of damp in the property since 2014. The landlord’s handling of the resident’s report of a water leak. The impact the condition of the property had on the resident and her family’s health.