Our new statutory Complaint Handling Code comes into effect from 1 April 2024 - find more information online.

Season 3, episode 3 – October 2023

Member Responsible for Complaints

The Housing Ombudsman's Centre for Learning spoke to Andrea Keenoy, Chief Operating Officer at the Housing Ombudsman, about the role and the impact it can have on organisations.

The Ombudsman is looking to the MRC to promote a culture of openness and transparency in relation to complaints made by residents. To provide assurance that systems are in place to capture learning from complaints, that governing bodies are engaged with this and to ensure senior level ownership of learning and accountability stemming from complaints.

It is vital the MRC alerts the governing body of any concerns they have about the handling of complaints, the substantive issues giving rise to complaints, to ensure the whole governing body understands its responsibilities to deliver a positive complaint handling culture and that to make sure complaints are given the status they deserve within the senior leadership’s work.

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