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Season 3 episode 2 – July 2023

Spotlight on: Knowledge and Information Management 

In this episode, Sector Learning and Development Lead Victoria King speaks to Zoe Miller, our Compliance and Systemic Investigations Manager, about our recent Spotlight report on Knowledge and Information Management.

We've broken the questions up so you can take away bite-sized learning.

Q1: Why did the Housing Ombudsman focus on Knowledge and Information Management for this report?

Q2: Why is good Knowledge and Information Management so important in the social housing sector?

Q3: What key data from the Housing Ombudsman's casework did you look at?

Q4: You worked with the London School of Economics on this report. Why did you do this and what were the findings?

Q5: You asked landlord's complaint handlers to submit evidence as part of the report. What did they tell you?

Q6: The report talks about information not being recorded correctly or accurately. What is the impact of that?

Q7: Did you find examples of landlords not having systems in place. What were the reasons for landlords not having access to a system or database where data should be contained? What was the impact of this?

Q8: The report talks about evidence-based practice. What did you find out about this?

Q9: Why is it so important to embed in the organisation's culture, the understanding and appreciation of good Knowledge and Information Management and the benefits it can have for both residents and landlords?

Q10: Repairs were once again a dominant theme. What are the recommendations in the report around this?