New Complaint Handling Code: Our new Code provides good practice for landlords on fair and effective complaint handling. See this page for details.

FAQs on the Complaint Handling Code

30 September 2020

Frequently Asked Questions from webinars on the Complaint Handling Code

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We have published a set of FAQs for landlords which focus on the areas of the Complaint Handling Code where the most number of enquiries have been received during our webinars. The Complaint Handling Code which was published in July enables landlords to resolve complaints raised by their residents quickly and to use the learning from complaints to drive service improvements.

The FAQs give landlords some reassurance and address some of the areas of uncertainty. Alongside these, we have created an example letter that landlords can use when responding to a complaint.

Both FAQs and the example letter can be found on the Complaint Handling Code page

Webinars on the code continue to run through October and dates can be found on our website