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District analysis

This provides a tabular breakdown of the regional analysis. Please see the regional analysis for an overview of the trends and possible explanations.

This analysis shows all social rent homes within a district so will include those owned by housing associations as well as local authorities.

Figures 3 and 4 give the number of social rent homes by district and the rate of complaints brought to us by tenants and formally determined by the Ombudsman per 10,000 social rent homes for each district.

Figure 3 is ordered alphabetically by district.  Figure 4 is ordered by determination rate from highest to lowest.

See Figures 3 and 4.

The districts with the highest number of social homes are large cities and London Boroughs. The districts with the lowest numbers are usually less urban.

London boroughs feature prominently amongst the districts with the highest determination rates per 10,000 social rent homes along with other districts in the South East.

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