Geographical analysis of determinations 2019-20

As a first step towards providing more information for residents and landlords we have broken our data down to show for each region and district:

  • the number of social rent homes within it
  • the rate of complaints brought to us by tenants and formally determined by the Ombudsman per 10,000 social rent homes.

The regional and district analyses are available in the Helpful links.

We will also be providing more analysis on a regional basis in our Insight reports and on landlords in our thematic investigations which look at common issues affecting the social housing sector.

Note: We have not been able to find data that provides postcodes for leasehold properties where the freeholder, head leaseholder or managing agent is a social landlord. Consequently, the number of homes represented in the geographical analyses are social rent only. To ensure we are presenting balanced data, we have removed determinations relating to leasehold homes by region and district from our data set (13% of total determinations in 2019-20).

In addition, the postcode recorded was incorrect or incomplete for a small number of determinations (1% of the total) and these are also excluded.