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Designated person information

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Please note: From 1 October 2022, a change in the law means that residents will no longer have to contact a designated person or wait eight weeks before referring their complaint to us if they remain dissatisfied at the end of their landlord’s complaint process. See further details.  
If your complaint is still not resolved after the end of the landlord's complaints procedure you can contact a designated person who can also help find a solution. The designated person can be a member of parliament (MP), a local councillor or a Tenant Panel. The role was introduced by the Government in 2011 to improve the chances of complaints about housing being resolved locally and to involve local politicians and local people in resolving local housing issues.

designated person can help resolve the complaint in one of two ways:

  • they can try and resolve the complaint themselves or
  • they can refer the complaint straight to us.

If they refuse to do either you can contact us directly.

The designated person can try to put things right in whatever way they think may work best. We can advise them on good practice in complaint handling, but we have no authority over them. If the problem is still not resolved following the intervention of the designated person either they or you can refer the complaint to us.

If you have decided not to contact a designated person you can come directly to us but by law it must be at least eight weeks after your landlord has given you its final response to your complaint.

The designated person process applies even if you have previously been in contact with an MP or local councillor about your complaint.

What happens during a general election?

During the general election period, Parliament is dissolved and there are no MPs until it sits again. This means that the MP designated persons referral route is not available, and residents must use either their local councillor or a tenant panel (if one is available) to refer their complaint.

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