Annual rent charge

Landlord acted appropriately in its handling of rent administration failures

Mr S, a resident leaseholder, complained about the due date for his annual rent charge, the legality of the charge and delay in paying an agreed reimbursement to his account. He was unhappy with the charges, given that there were a number of outstanding maintenance issues at the property.

The landlord, a housing association, sought legal advice which confirmed that the rent charge was enforceable and compliant with the lease agreement. However, the landlord accepted that there had been delays in paying the reimbursement. Mr S had also been pursuing a number of maintenance issues since 2016. The landlord accepted that it had taken an unreasonable length of time for these to be completed.   It also accepted that the roof repair had not been completed and took steps to ensure this was expedited.

In recognition of the failings the landlord agreed to waive the ground rent fee of £250 and made an offer of £200 compensation for the delays


We found that the landlord had taken appropriate steps to put things right by acknowledging its service failures and offering appropriate compensation. It also implemented a plan of action for future monitoring of communal areas.

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