Communication failing

Dispute over the landlord’s handling of reports of anti-social behaviour and time taken to complete repairs resolved through early resolution

Mr H complained that, although the landlord had taken some action in response to his reports of anti-social behaviour from his upstairs neighbour, the reported behaviour did not stop. He considered that he had not been kept up-to-date in the anti-social behaviour case.

Mr H had also reported a leak from the property above and was dissatisfied with the time taken by the landlord to complete repairs, as well as with its offer to contribute £50 towards the cost of redecoration.

Having completed the landlord’s complaints procedure, Mr H brought his complaint to the Ombudsman. He had, by this time, accepted the landlord’s offer to move to an alternative property.


We resolved this dispute by asking the landlord to consider how it had communicated with Mr H. We encouraged it to make it clear to Mr H that it was interested in listening to him, and that it wanted to understand his experience of its service. The landlord initially suggested meeting with Mr H but adapted its approach when he said that he would rather not discuss the matter in person.

The landlord considered an impact statement from Mr H and responded with a letter expressing regret at his experience of its service. It found that this had included updates not being provided in the anti-social behaviour case.

The landlord also offered Mr H £250 as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ in recognition of Mr H’s experiences, and a senior manager offered to meet with Mr H in future if he changed his mind about meeting in person. In Mr H’s opinion, and in our opinion, the action taken by the landlord resolved the complaint.

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