Case Study 7: Disabled adaptations and delay

The tenant’s (Ms F’s) daughter was eligible for disabled adaptations at the property which would enable her to use the toilet independently. While the landlord completed the works, there were substantial and unreasonable delays. Having completed the landlord’s complaints procedure, Ms F brought the complaint to the Ombudsman. 

The Ombudsman facilitated early resolution of the dispute by encouraging the landlord to review what had gone wrong in its handling of the adaptations and what could be done to put this right.  The landlord’s review included meeting with Ms F to hear about the effect the delays had on her household, including that her daughter had been unable to access the toilet quickly and independently for several months.

The landlord apologised in person to Ms F and her daughter for the delays, which it recognised had caused significant distress and inconvenience. It also offered Ms F £750 compensation in recognition of this and used the complaint as an opportunity to improve the adaptations process. In Ms F’s and the Ombudsman’s opinions, this resolved the complaint.