Case Study 44: Repairs – Formally resolved - Reasonable Redress

Mr H complained to us about the way his landlord (a council’s arms-length management organisation) dealt with the six-day period the lift in his building (made up of ten floors) was out of order.

The landlord’s response to his complaint accepted there had been significant errors, and that the lifts should have been repaired within one, and not six, days. The errors it identified included the way the repair requests were logged, the communication with its contractor, and the lack of ongoing updates and assistance offered to residents (some of whom were house-bound without the lifts). The response included a detailed explanation of the failures, along with an action plan setting out how they would be addressed. The landlord had therefore used the complaint to improve its service.

In response the landlord also apologised and offered £180 to Mr H. It advised that while it had learnt from the complaint, it could not change its out of hours contract service at that time. The offer of compensation was later increased to £240 following the involvement of a local councillor acting as a Designated Person.

As this complaint was brought to us following the landlord’s final response and the involvement of a Designated Person, our role was to assess the reasonableness of the landlord’s response.

We decided that in light of the compensation, apology, and extensive report detailing the failures and resulting action plan, the landlord had responded to this complaint in a satisfactory way. It has not only put things right but had learnt from the outcome of the complaint. We did identify a lack of clarity in the landlord’s compensation form and recommended improvements, and also recommended that the landlord update Mr H on what had been achieved by the landlord as a result of the ongoing action plan.