Case Study 2: Adaptations policy

Ms B complained about the landlord’s response to outstanding disability adaptations for her young daughter in her home.

Our investigation considered the landlord’s obligations under the numerous legislative and regulatory requirements relating to disabled adaptations including the Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance) (England and Wales) Order 2002, sections 19 to 24 of the Housing Grants Constructions and Regeneration Act 1996.  Our investigation found that there were excessive delays in the landlord’s responses to the adaptions requests and that the way in which it operated its housing disabled facility adaptations policy led to unfairness in its consideration of the needs of individuals.

We ordered the landlord to review its adaptations process to ensure that it considered exercising its discretion to fund major disability adaptations in every case instead of its previous actions of fettering its discretion to do so with a financial cap on the cost of adaptations.  The landlord was also required to pay £550 compensation for the delays in responding to the application for adaptations and delays in carrying out adaptations to the property.