Case Study 14: Repairs

Ms W complained to the Ombudsman about disrepair to her back door and said she wanted her landlord to replace the door and offer her compensation with respect to her damaged belongings, loss of earnings and distress.

In response to our initial contact the landlord said that replacing the door had been delayed due to an ‘administrative error’ but it was now bringing this forward. It also confirmed it was escalating Ms W’s complaints to stage 2. It then offered her compensation of £638.84 in relation to the damage to her personal belongings, heating bills and inconvenience; also its missed appointments

After we spoke to both parties the landlord increased its total offer to £788.84 in response to Ms W saying that she was satisfied apart from the compensation offer with respect to inconvenience. It also agreed to replace the windows at her home after she said this would resolve her complaint.

The landlord contacted Ms W directly about arrangements for replacing the windows and, having apologised for a short delay, completed the work as agreed. We then confirmed we were satisfied that the complaint had been locally resolved following our intervention with an agreed resolution, the landlord acting to put matters right, and improved communication between it and Ms W.