Representative group responses

Here you will find quotes from the responses we received from our landlord and tenant representative groups, to the recent 'A Public Service Ombudsman' consultation.

“We consider that over the last decade or so THO has evolved into an organisation that is so valuable to, and respected by, the landlords and tenants it serves that to subsume it within a larger generic ombudsman service would lead to a reduction in its impact, customer confidence and potentially much of its independent funding stream." HouseMark (You can read HousMark's full response to the consultation here.)

 “We are satisfied with the performance, approach and support provided by the Housing Ombudsman and would be concerned that this may get diluted if merged with other Ombudsman services which may not operate in the same way.” St. Mungo’s Broadway

“In our experience the Housing Ombudsman’s collaborative approach to working with landlords is valuable in building effective resolution. We are also concerned that a merger would risk of loss of expertise, ease of access and the collaborative, resolution focussed approach of the Housing Ombudsman." East Thames Group

“It isn’t broken – it doesn’t need fixing. It already provides quality – in all the areas listed in the Cabinet Office consultation – and good value for money.” The Confederation of Co-operative Housing

“…there is a risk that the momentum gained by the Housing Ombudsman in improving its visibility and the housing sector’s understanding of good practice complaints handling would be lost during transition to a new organisation" TPAS - The Tenant Empowerment Organisation