How we do what we do

We consider complaints using our dispute resolution principles, and encourage landlords and residents to use these principles so they can resolve complaints together at the earliest possible opportunity. Our dispute resolution process is based on these principles.

As a Service we improve by learning from outcomes, and we help individuals and organisations to do the same by learning from best practice across the housing sector. 

Our actions are also governed by our Scheme, which sets out the matters that we can and cannot consider within our role.

In order to understand the service we provide, it’s important to know what type of complaints we, by law, can and cannot consider. To help with this, we’ve provided some links below to give you a greater insight into what we can help with, and where certain situations are outside of our role.

You may also benefit from reading some of our Case Studies and checking if we have published a fact sheet that is relevant to your specific enquiry. Some of our most accessed fact sheets are around:

If after going through the resources above you are still unsure whether we can consider your complaint, please get in touch.