Voluntary membership

Most landlords and agents in the private rented sector would want to provide a good service to their tenants. They would also wish to have a good reputation as a landlord and be able to let and manage their properties without difficulty.

It is best if landlords and agents have effective complaints procedures in place, as tenancy disputes do sometimes arise. Disputes cost time and money and can damage relationships. If left unresolved disputes can grow out of all recognition.

The Housing Ombudsman Service provides an impartial, high quality and effective review of complaints and disputes. Such a service can be provided after the landlord’s or agent’s complaints procedure has been completed, but the issue not satisfactorily resolved. The Ombudsman’s rulings are conclusive and his decisions are made according to the circumstances of the dispute.

Those landlords and agents from the private rented sector interested in joining the Scheme should email us at membership@housing-ombudsman.org.uk. The annual subscription fee for 2017/18 is £1.25 per unit and is pro rata if you join during the year.