Why join us?

The people who work in HOS are unique – each with their special talents and experience to offer in support of the work that we do. We play to the strengths of our people and value the different strengths and talents of every employee.

Integral to the work that we do is ensuring that we live our values and collectively work towards our vision. Our values guide us in our everyday work and help us in building productive working relationships with colleagues, landlords, tenants and others. To find out more about our vision and values, click here.

In addition to you bringing your enthusiasm, skills and experience to the organisation, we support and encourage employees to develop and achieve through on-going performance management. You’ll be asked to take ownership of your development though an individual personal development plan, which will help you to identify what ‘on the job’ training you need to help you achieve your full potential in your new role and advance your future career aspirations.

Employee engagement

Employee involvement and wellbeing is important to us and we run a bi-annual employee engagement survey so employees can give feedback and express their opinions on different aspects of the organisation. Our employee engagement feedback gathered from the 2010, 2012 and 2015 survey’s showed an average score of 75%.